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Recently we attended an amazing speech from the Chief Entrepreneur of Qld in 2019  & now I don't want to bore you but the main message I gained from this is people are asking "Where do it come from?" Whether its our food, clothes or toys. She also spoke about CIRCULAR economy where its a type of economy that considers reducing waste at every step!  Now that's exciting stuff because we at Ricky Dee's Eco Toys are trying to walk the talk.  More information is coming soon, perhaps even videos but here is a very short and sweet things we think are important
  1. Transparency - where do our toys come from?  We make them! Here on our property in Qld in our shed on our 5 acres.
  2. What do we use? - Camphor wood ( a natural weed here) and Eucalyptus naturally fallen branches. 
  3. What do we use to finish the wood - we are offering you choice: beeswax, raw or eco organoil. Photos coming soon.
  4. We have solar energy, we have water tanks. 
  5. We use a courier "SENDLE" who is Carbon Neutral!
  6. We recycle, reduce, re-purpose, refuse (plastic), rethink ideas,  repair items. We aim to be sustainable to model this. 
  7. We are proudly Australian and aim to help children "Our Earths littlest trustees," to learn about Australian wildlife flora and fauna. We have more to share but that is a little start. We are always looking for ways to improve. Kind Regards, Melissa.