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Our Program

Our first Nature Play Offering, near Gympie, Queensland was for children with a SUPPORT PLAN, that is the child may:

  • have a disability,
  • a developmental delay,
  • a social and emotional disorder,
  • be neurodiverse,
  • or and be needing some  extra care, time  & compassion.
  • Very small group size due to this; and  parents must  co attend
  • we have paused due to flooding and home issues in 2022.

We are also offering local Support Work for children Or adults on the Sunshine Coast!

Our Ricky Dee's Team includes our adult children:

Jared (landscaping)

Jacob- Mentor, cars, home and garden maintenance (all rounder) 

Pearl - youth and children mentor Sunshine coast


Rick is slowly restarting as a helpful handy man, cleaner, car detailer, and house & yard maintenance  worker for locals with support plans. Go Rick! 

Our Handbook: may be found below:

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