Our Program

Our first Nature Play Offering, near Gympie, Queensland will be for children with a SUPPORT PLAN, that is the child may:

  • have a disability,
  • a developmental delay,
  • a social and emotional disorder,
  • be neurodiverse,
  • or and be needing some  extra care, time  & compassion.
  • Very small group size due to this; and  parents must  co attend
  • we plan to host an "Open day June /July holidays".
  • Our grand opening!  Stay tuned....

We are also offering local Support Work for children Or adults!

Alternatively, to our very small group  we can offer  your child a  Support Worker plan 1: 1 or 2:2 in  nature for safety reasons.  Please note prior arrangement and agreement is needed for this individual plan.

Rick is now being a helpful handy man, cleaner, car detailer, and house & yard maintenance  worker for locals with support plans. Go Rick! 

Our Handbook: may be found below:

Click here for Handbook PDF


Our cancellation and payment policy may be found below: