Australian animal activities


Sometimes you just have to ask! 

 More free games and Australian animal activity cards have also been released made in partnership with Enviro EDU. Or if you are looking for appropriate (short duration & amateur) nature content look no further go to Ricky Dee's Eco Joeys on fb or You Tube Ricky Dee’s Eco Toys for cute, educational connection to the whimsical or natural world.

We try to show that being sustainable is everyday life practices that anyone can do ...everyday.


We have many wonderful sustainable designs to connect children to nature and inspire their imaginations. Welcome to our whimsical world.  also on Instagram & Facebook.  As I write this listening to “Who can it be now knocking at my door…..?” by Men At Work….well maybe  it’s a delivery from Ricky Dee’s Eco Toys to save your sanity.  GOOD LUCK X


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